Local Area


Point Hardy is an incredibly dramatic site on the northern coast of Saint Lucia.

The location, with water on three sides, affords breathtaking views, cooling breezes and a series of private bays lined with white sand beaches. The natural amphitheater shape of the property provides a sense of exclusivity and ensures privacy for home sites while also developing a great sense of community to the resort as a whole.


Saint Lucia’s physical features are notable.

Dominated by high peaks and rain forests in the interior, the 616-square-kilometer (238-square-mile) island is known for the twin peaks of Gros Piton and Petit Piton on the southwestern coast, its soft sandy beaches, and its magnificent natural harbors. Mount Gimie, the highest peak, is located in the central mountain range and rises to 958 meters (3,143 ft) above sea level, a contrast that is also evident in the abrupt climatic transition from coastal to inland areas. The steep terrain also accentuates the many rivers that flow from central Saint Lucia to the Caribbean. Fertile land holdings, which support banana farming, are scattered throughout the island. Saint Lucia is just 27 miles long and 14 miles wide and lined with beautiful beaches. But beaches are just an introduction to the immense beauty that Saint Lucia has to offer.


Saint Lucia has a tropical climate moderated by northeast trade winds that allow for pleasant year-round conditions.

Mean annual temperatures range from 76°F (24°C) to 86°F (30°C) at sea level and drop to an average of 55.4°F (13°C) in the mountain peaks.

  • January High: 28ᴼC/82ᴼF Low: 22ᴼC/71ᴼF
  • February High: 28ᴼC/82ᴼF Low: 22ᴼC/71ᴼF
  • March High: 29ᴼC/84ᴼF Low: 23ᴼC/74ᴼF
  • April High: 30ᴼC/86ᴼF Low: 23ᴼC/74ᴼF
  • May High: 30ᴼC/86ᴼF Low: 24ᴼC/75ᴼF
  • June High: 30ᴼC/86ᴼF Low: 25ᴼC/77ᴼF
  • July High: 30ᴼC/86ᴼF Low: 25ᴼC/77ᴼF
  • August High: 31ᴼC/88ᴼF Low: 25ᴼC/77ᴼF
  • September High: 31ᴼC/88ᴼF Low: 24ᴼC/75ᴼF
  • October High: 31ᴼC/88ᴼF Low: 24ᴼC/75ᴼF
  • November High: 30ᴼC/86ᴼF Low: 24ᴼC/75ᴼF
  • December High: 29ᴼC/84ᴼF Low: 23ᴼC/74ᴼ
  • Culture

    English is the official language and Saint Lucia features an educated workforce bolstered by complimentary, compulsory education.

    Saint Lucia's rich culture is comprised of a blend of English, French, and African heritage. The official language of the island is English, but Saint Lucian Creole remains an influential secondary language. From the internationally renowned Jazz Festival, to Friday Night Street Parties and local carnivals, Saint Lucia is an island alive with local pride and tradition through music, dance, food, and art.

    Health and Security

    Cabot Saint Lucia has a strong relationship with the island’s best hospitals.

    We also offer a 24/7 on-call doctor that comes to the property for necessary situations. In the event of emergency, medevac is available for transportation to the appropriate hospital. Security at Cabot Saint Lucia is a top priority with best practices enforced across the property by our security team. Take comfort in knowing our security team as well as other members of the Cabot team are trained first responders.

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