Real Estate

Real Estate

The iconic surroundings of Cabot Saint Lucia are only enhanced by incredible real estate opportunities.

From hilltop vistas, to beach-side luxury, Real Estate at Cabot Saint Lucia combines the magic of island living with a strong sense of community. An experience that is so much more than simply owning a home, being an owner at Cabot Sant Lucia welcomes you to a community of like-minded individuals and families in one of the world’s most stunning locations. Exclusive membership benefits, luxury amenities, and modern-day comforts come together to create an island escape that feels like home. To keep life easy, we also offer an optional property management program designed to create a seamless experience for both owners and guests.

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Architectural Vision

“Our design approach can be summarized as Naturally Modern. We use this to describe both the experience of the space and the design language.”

- Master Architect, Richard Evans

The architecture is undoubtedly Caribbean, learning from the best of Island architecture and combining outdoor living with modern contemporary interiors and services.

Combining contemporary design with the site’s glorious natural surroundings, Cabot Saint Lucia’s relaxed aesthetic vibe is decadently laid-back – barefoot luxury at its best.

The buildings use sustainably sourced local materials and skills in innovative ways. Using the latest environmentally aware thinking we create an architecture with a strong 'sense of place’ that is very much of today, but aware of the location and history.

Generous glazed volumetric spaces seek to maximize and celebrate views, and the experience of living in one of the world’s most beautiful natural locations. Materials are carefully chosen to provide modern warmth and comfort.

Cabot Saint Lucia

residential master plan

Master Plan

  • Beach Club
  • Golf Villas
  • Beach Villas
  • Beach Club
    Golf Villas
    Beach Villas

    Scale: 1” = 50’

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